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Welcome to the Land Of the Rising Son

There is no other place in the universe like Japan.

With a culture thousands of years old and a most esoteric language, Japan remains an enigma to the rest of the world.

To truly understand the Japanese, one must live among them, but even then, there remains layers upon layers of a cryptic culture and society.

Based upon my experience living in the countryside of Japan for my entire adult life, I have come to a deep understanding of the Japanese mindset, and the inner working of this incredibly unique society.

Join me as we journey into the nooks and crannies of the Japanese Way.


Who are the Japanese?

Perhaps one of the most misunderstood people on our shared earth, this island nation of 126 million remains a mystery to the outside world.

Of the most ancient cultures in the world, the Japanese are masters at assimilating, and molding outside concepts into something uniquely Japanese.

Why can they do this?

It's in their DNA.

Here you will find some keys to open your question door, and there, you will only come to find, yet another layer, and another, and so on.

Welcome to the Land Of The Rising Son.

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