Master Storyteller Dan Carlin

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Master Storyteller Dan Carlin

Master storyteller Dan Carlin entrances and engulf one into spellbinding incredible rides probing the nooks and crannies of history.

Hardcore History has millions of downloads per episode, and is one of the most widely acclaimed podcast in, well, history.

Dan Carlin’s distinctive voice and style is one of the most instantly recognizable in podcasting and his shows are some of the most listened to podcasts of all time, making him the “Master Podcaster.”

Master Podcaster Dan Carlin Illustration

Over three years ago now, Master Carlin released the first in a series of podcasts concerning the Pacific war entitled “Supernova in the East” about the Japanese empire and their ventures in the second world war.

Having been an avid fan of this incredible storyteller for many years, and as a token of my appreciation for his magnificent work, one a sent Master Podcaster Dan Carlin some important books about Japan.

Token of Appreciation to Master Podcaster Dan CarlinSecretly, the notion was for Master Carlin to get a spark of inspiration for a Hardcore History series about Japan.

Imagine one’s surprise and delight when he referenced one of the books in the inaugural installment of the incredible podcast series entitled; Super Nova in the East I ~ VI.

The book mentioned in Super Nova in the East I was, Japan and the Shackles of the Past, by R. Taggart Murphy.

Japan and the Shackles of the Past, by Emeritus Professor R. TAGGART MURPHY

If one needs a good place to start, Japan and the Shackles of the Past is top on the list to start one’s very own journey into Japan and our extraordinary society.

The Super Nova in the East podcast series progressed with a new release once every 6 to 8 months, and one felt compelled to send some more books.

One of the books was also referenced when Master Podcaster Dan Carlin discussed the kamikaze phenomena.

The Nobility of Failure: Tragic Heroes in the History of Japan, by Ivan Morris.

The Nobility of Failure Tragic Heroes in the History of Japan by Ivan MORRIS

Originally published in 1975, this book contains several stories of “failed heroes.”

The final chapter is the tale of the kamikaze fighters entitled, “If Only We Might Fall” which truly stands out while tugging deeply on the heartstrings.

This particular chapter describes the extremely heart-wrenching accounts of the young kamikaze fighters along with their letters to their families while waiting to sacrificing their lives for the Empire of Japan.

If Only We Might Fall

Master Carlin made a very discerning observation, when saying he was taught in school the kamikaze fighters were mindless robots blindly sacrificing their lives for Japan.

It is now known this was clearly not the case, as vividly described in The Nobility of Failure: Tragic Heroes in the History of Japan.

Having released the last episode, Super Nova in the East VI, the masterful five hour and forty-five minute epic conclusion to the incredible Super Nova in the East podcast series was not only breathtaking but spellbinding, and can be considered a masterpiece of creative genius.

The magic of Dan Carlin lies in his impartiality and narration-mastery, maintaining a virtuous interpretation of the historical accounts and of the true nature of the Japanese, and indeed all of humanity.

Master Carlin so brilliantly describes the Japanese;

”The Japanese are just like everybody else…but even more so.”

The global reach of Master Podcaster Dan Carlin became clear as one visited the local shrine one sunny spring day.

There was a special event in progress, and unusually so, there were quite a few foreigners participating in this event, all dressed in martial art outfits.

One of these men came up and paid me a compliment on my exceptional hat, and said he and all members of his group were also big fans of Master Podcaster Dan Carlin.

Master Podcaster Dan Carlin Hardcore History Hat - Making History Hardcare

Turns out they were from Croatia, a world very different and far far away from Japan.

One was so very happy to have had this random encounter all thanks to the Master Podcaster Dan Carlin, for the understanding that indeed the era we now live in will be simply be footnotes in a history book, the Hardcore History Book.

Hardcore History 62 – Supernova in the East I


Supernova in the East I: The Asia-Pacific War of 1937-1945 has deep roots. It also involves a Japanese society that’s been called one of the most distinctive on Earth. If there were a Japanese version of Captain America, this would be his origin story: 4 hour 28 min; July 14, 2018.

Hardcore History 63 – Supernova in the East II

Supernova in the East II: Deep themes run through this show, with allegations of Japanese war crimes and atrocities in China at the start leading to eerily familiar, almost modern questions over how the world should respond. And then Dec 7, 1941 arrives: 4 hour 2 min; January 12, 2019

Hardcore History 64 – Supernova in the East III

Supernova in the East III: Japan’s rising sun goes supernova and engulfs a huge area of Asia and the Pacific. A war without mercy begins to develop infusing the whole conflict with a savage vibe: 4 hour 53 min; October 24, 2019

Hardcore History 65 – Supernova in the East IV


Supernova in the East IV: Coral Sea, Midway and Guadalcanal are three of the most famous battles of the Second World War. Together they will shift the momentum in the Pacific theater and usher in the era of modern naval and amphibious warfare: 3 hour 58 min; June 3, 2020

Hardcore History 66 – Supernova in the East V


Supernova in the East V: Can suicidal bravery and fanatical determination make up for material, industrial and numerical insufficiency? As the Asia-Pacific conflict turns against the Japanese these questions are put to the test. The results are nightmarish: 3 hour 32 min November 13, 2020

Hardcore History 67 – Supernova in the East VI

Supernova in the East VI : When do spirit, tenacity, resilience and bravery cross into madness? When cities are incinerated? When suicide attacks become the norm? When atomic weapons are used? Japan’s leaders test the limits of national endurance in the war’s last year: 5 hours 45 min June 8, 2021

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