Start From The Beginning Again

May 1, 2019

Start From The Beginning Again

It took around 15 years to complete these three books.
At the beginning it was start and stop; we’ve all been there.
And as we all well know, there is no traction when your wheels are spinning, and spinning, and spinning (you get the idea).
You would think in finishing these highly challenging books, there would be some kind of cause for celebration; there was, momentarily…
And then, it came, in a cold and stark realization, the work has just begun.
How so, you are asking yourself.
Well, unless you have a photographic memory (I don’t), you simply forgot many of the kanji covered in these awesome books.
So what! I just started to review and keep going every single day until I am finished (these books yes, learning Japanese, never).

Learning is a journey, not a destination.

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